Schedule for the 2012 Assembly

Saturday, October 13th
1:30-4:30pmDance Workshop
(at the Christ Church Undercroft)
Learn the basic steps for Regency country dances and quadrilles, the figures for the various country dances to be done in the evening, and the basic movements of the romantic slow French waltz. Light refreshments will be available at workshop breaks.

Break for dinner & changing

7:30-11:00pmThe Ball
(at Pratt Hall)
Three sets of lively dances accompanied by scrumptious period refreshments.

Sunday, October 14th
1:00-2:30pmStrolling in the Park (weather permitting)
Stroll the gracious lawns and lanes of beautiful Edgerton Park - a perfect setting for outdoor photographs and the display of fashionable pelisses and bonnets.
2:30-5:00pmRegency Card-Party
(at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church)
Enjoy a lovely parlor afternoon of early 19th-century card games and other table games, including loo, piquet, whist, dominos, spillikins, and more. Games will be taught. Light period refreshments and tea will be served. More information about Regency-era games may be found here.

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