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January Waltz Workshops

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Rotary Waltz Waltz Essentials & Sequences ~ Cross-Step Waltz Pivaloops

4:00-5:00: Rotary Waltz Essentials & Sequences. Basics of the original continuously turning waltz style of the mid-19th century, still a living folk waltz today, plus easy waltz sequence dances from the early 20th century -- the Pride of Erin Waltz and Tango Waltz.

5:00-6:00: Cross-Step Pivaloops. A cross-step waltz workshop focused on the double-underarm-turn pivaloop and its myriad variations -- rollaways, free spins, ragdoll, around the world, and more! Basic cross-step waltz will be taught briefly, but the main focus will be on the variations!

$10 per class, or take both for $18!

Location: DANY Studios (Studio 5)
305 West 38th Street between 8th & 9th

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