Dancers at the 2011 Ball. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Griffin

A Victorian Fancy Dress Ball
in the style of the 1880s

Saturday, March 24, 2012 ~ 8:00-11:30 PM

Pratt Hall, 311 Temple Street, New Haven, Connecticut

with calling by
Susan de Guardiola

to the delightful music of
Spare Parts
Bill Matthiesen, Liz Stell, Eric Buddington
as heard in the film Bright Star and on The Regency Ballroom

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Please join Susan de Guardiola and the fine musicians of Spare Parts for a Victorian Fancy Dress Ball in the style of the 1880s.

The evening will include a mix of Victorian couple dances (waltz, polka, schottische, galop) and set dances (contra dances and quadrilles). Ball cards will be provided. All set dances are accessible for beginners and will be taught at the ball. A workshop focusing on the couple dances of the Victorian era and the evening's set dances will be held on the afternoon of the ball for those who would like to improve their dance skills.

Advance reservations are recommended -- space is strictly limited to eighty dancers and people will be admitted at the door only if space permits!

A fancy dress ball is a masquerade-style costume ball though masks are not typically worn or encouraged. Please see the costume information link at left for suggestions on how to do fancy dress Victorian style. Flat leather-soled shoes or dance slippers are recommended for the ball - no hobnailed boots or shoes and absolutely no high heels! Comfortable casual clothing is fine for the dance workshop.