1. I do not live on social media. I use Facebook and VKontakte very irregularly and sometimes don't check them for days or weeks. Do not assume I will see something because you posted it in your feed unless you tagged me specifically, and even then do not assume that I will see it on any particular schedule. And do not use Facebook or VK messaging to contact me if it's at all urgent -- I don't always check regularly and may not see your message in a timely way.

2. I generally take all friend requests from people interested in social dance. If that isn't obvious from your profile, better send a note along with the request. And if I'm supposed to know you, it would help if your profile picture showed your face. I am terrible at names.

3. I don't have separate accounts for dance and the rest of my life, and not all of my friends are dance people, so my postings are a mix of dance-related and miscellaneous.

4. I try to use only Russian on VKontakte. That means I don't say much there.